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Beyond the Tyranny of Testing - Webinar

posted 15 Jun 2021, 07:46 by Gerald Clark

Please do sign up for this event, organised by Camden NEU.

You can share the flier below, and sign up at

Leaways School Dispute in Hackney

posted 22 Apr 2021, 02:54 by Gerald Clark

Members of the National Education Union have been in dispute with Leaways School which is run by Kedleston Group SEMH and Autism Schools and Children's Homes UK ( since December of last year over a number of issues. These include: poor educational provision for students; appalling conditions in the school building; a lack of decent sick pay; a refusal to award the 2.75 percent pay increase most education workers received last year and a refusal to recognise trade unions.

The school receives over £50,000 per pupil, per year, which is more than double the amount that state special schools receive.  Members have been concerned that the provision provided for students does not reflect this. There is no outside recreation area for children to play and the temperature of the building during winter has been so cold that staff and students frequently wore coats inside.  Meanwhile, the Kedleston Group had an operating profit of £5.3 million in 2019 (Source: Companies House).

The NEU believes that claims made on the school’s website about the educational provision of students do not match the actual reality of provision inside the school. Several parents have also been in contact with us expressing similar concerns.

NEU members have been particularly worried about health and safety issues, especially in light of the Covid-19 pandemic. Kedleston sick pay policy only guarantees 7 days sick, pay unlike state schools which allow for up to 100 days. Staff have had to either attend work whilst sick or only receive statutory sick pay. This has forced some members of staff to attend work, whilst sick.

Kedleston group even tried to enforce this policy at the beginning of the pandemic informing staff that they would only receive sick pay for 7 days if contracting Covid or if they had to self-isolate. It was only after protests from NEU members that they agreed to adhere to government recommendations regarding sick pay and covid.

The NEU is extremely concerned at the level of bullying and intimidation by senior managers at the school. Two members of staff have been dismissed since the start of the dispute - the most recent being one of the school NEU reps. Several other members and reps have also been disciplined. Kedleston have also suggested to NEU members that if the original dispute were not called off, after 12 weeks staff could be dismissed ‘en masse’.

NEU members had no choice but to ballot again on the issue of victimisation.

A celebration of 60 years of the Cuban Federation of Women

posted 2 Mar 2021, 07:03 by Gerald Clark

Please find a flier below for this event which our ex-President and International Solidarity Officer Cath Tranter is speaking at.

Notice of our Annual General Meeting

posted 2 Mar 2021, 04:04 by Gerald Clark

The Annual General Meeting (AGM) of Camden District NEU will take place via zoom from 5pm on Tuesday 4th May, 2021.  Further details, including registration, will be sent out to all members shortly.  Nominations have now opened for committee roles - you can find details on our Camden Elections page.

Camden NEU guidelines for Remote Learning

posted 21 Jan 2021, 02:07 by Gerald Clark

In discussion with our Reps and then in a General Meeting we have drafted the below document which we are sharing with all Camden schools stake-holders.

Financial Advice seminar for NEU members

posted 3 Dec 2020, 02:53 by Gerald Clark

We have arranged for Lighthouse Financial Advice to deliver a free online session for Camden members on Wednesday 20th January (3:45-4:45).  The topics covered will be budgeting and savings; investments; mortgages; and retirement and pensions.  All those who attend are entitled to an additional, free one-to-one session with a financial advisor. Please click on the pdf below for further details and to book your place.

Special Conference Motions

posted 22 Sept 2020, 09:05 by Gerald Clark

Covid-19 FAQs, 16th September.

posted 1 Jun 2020, 01:02 by Gerald Clark   [ updated 16 Sept 2020, 06:45 ]

This is a summary of the NHS and government guidelines on what steps to take if you develop symptoms or test positive for Covid-19. For more detailed guidance please visit:



1.       What are the symptoms of Covid-19?

·       A high temperature OR             

·       a continuous dry cough OR                   

·       a change or loss of taste and/or smell.

2.       What should I do if I develop symptoms?

If you develop any of these symptoms you must stay home and self-isolate for ten days from the start of the symptoms. Book a test as soon as possible - dial 119 or go online to do this. You should not leave home for at least ten days after your test.

3.       What happens if I test positive?

If you have a positive test you must inform the school immediately and continue to self-isolate for at least ten days or until you have no fever, whichever is longer. You do not need to continue to self-isolate after ten days if you only have a cough or loss of sense of smell or taste, as these symptoms can last for several weeks after the infection has gone.

4.       If my test is negative

If you and your household are isolating because you are experiencing coronavirus symptoms, you and your household are able to end self-isolation early if you receive a negative test. However, if you are isolating because you live with someone who has symptoms, you must continue to isolate for 14 days even if you receive a negative test. You may only end isolation early if the person with symptoms in your household receives a negative test.

5.       What about other members of my household?

If you develop symptoms all members of your household should self-isolate for fourteen days, whether they have symptoms or not. If anyone else in the household starts displaying symptoms, they should get tested. They need to stay at home for at least ten days from when their symptoms appear, regardless of what day they are on in their original fourteen-day isolation period.

6.       What does self-isolation mean?

Self-isolation means you must not leave your house for any reason. Members of your household should not leave the house and you should try to minimise contact with other members of your household.

7.       What if someone in my household shows symptoms?

They should get tested and everyone in the house should stay home for fourteen days, whether they have symptoms or not. If anyone else in the household starts displaying symptoms, they should get tested. They need to stay at home for at least ten days from when their symptoms appear, regardless of what day they are on in their original fourteen-day isolation period.

8.       If someone in my household has tested positive

You must self-isolate for fourteen days and get tested if you develop symptoms. You can return to work after fourteen days without symptoms.


9.       If another member of staff or pupil develops symptoms

They should be sent home and should book a test as soon as possible. Members of their household must also self-isolate and get tested if they also develop symptoms. The school should alert those staff with whom they have been in close contact, so that staff can be alert to possible symptoms and the school is ready to respond to a positive test.

10.                If another member of staff or pupil tests positive?

The school should seek advice from the London Coronavirus Response Centre (LCRC) and establish which members of the school community they have had close contact with.

Note: Contact tracing is not necessary until there is a positive test and schools should only contact LCRC if there is a positive test.

11.                When should schools consider sending staff or pupils home?

If there is a positive test then the school may have to send a bubble or group of pupils and staff home. This will depend on the number of close contacts within the school. Schools will be advised and supported in making decisions by LCRC conducting a risk assessment with the school.

12.                If I am sent home do I need to get a test?

You do not need to do this straight away; you should only book a test if you develop symptoms.

13.                I have been in close contact with someone who has tested positive for Covid-19

You must self-isolate for fourteen days and get a test if you develop symptoms – you can return to work after fourteen days without symptoms.

14.                I have been in contact with someone who has been identified as a close contact

You can attend work as normal - the risk of secondary transmission is very low.

15.                Will I lose pay if I am self-isolating?

No member of staff should be penalised for following government guidelines; so there should be no question of losing pay for any of the reasons listed above.


We will issue further updates but please do check the NEU website and contact us if you have any concerns about any aspect of this situation.

Coronavirus community support groups.

posted 23 Apr 2020, 01:31 by Gerald Clark

 Supporting civil society organisations Civil society plays a crucial role in supporting London's communities and the work of charities, faith organisations, un-constituted groups and volunteers must be protected during this period of uncertainty. Below, we have provided information on available resources to support civil society through the coronavirus outbreak.


·      If you are a volunteer looking for ways to safely support London's communities during the coronavirus outbreak, please visit HERE      

·      London groups to contact about safe and/or remote volunteering opportunities or community support solutions HERE

·      Regional groups to contact about safe and/or remote volunteering opportunities or community support solutions HERE


·      Find Your Local Group - There are now thousands of local groups across the country. Below is an up-to-date list to help you find your nearest one – HERE

Working from Home

posted 19 Mar 2020, 05:21 by Gerald Clark   [ updated 20 Mar 2020, 05:32 ]

Home Working

It isn’t as easy for Teachers to work from home as other professions.  Many of you will already have been putting together distance learning or online learning projects for the children you teach to complete at home over the next couple of weeks.

What can you be asked to do or not to do?

You are still expected to be available for work during this time.  You may be asked to come in to school at times to teach or supervise key worker children, or to mark and prepare further work. 

You cannot be asked to work outside your normal Directed Time which includes the two week Easter holiday which is scheduled to run in Camden from Saturday 4th April – Sunday 19th April.  The government does not have powers to over-ride your contract.

You can be asked if you would be willing to, but as your contract currently stands, you should expect to be paid extra.

If you are looking after or supervising your own children at home then you should let your management know that you are not necessarily available for that whole period.  If you become genuinely ill, or are looking after a sick dependent then you should notify your management in the normal way that you are not available for work for these reasons.  You may be moved to be paid on sick pay or sick dependency leave although if this is due to the Coronavirus you should make sure your management know.

Obviously you cannot come in to work if you’re self-isolating as recommended by Public Health England and you should inform your management in the normal way if you’re not available for work for these reasons.

But I can still be asked to come in to work?

You can, technically, as long as there is no enforced ‘lockdown’ in place or travel bans, unless you fall into any of the categories above.  

If your school is asking you to do something at odds with the above advice, then please contact us.  If this happens before schools close to pupils on Friday then have a Union meeting in your school to agree this advice.

Can I do anything else to help?

One of our members volunteers for Age UK.  Camden Age UK need help with things like sorting and delivering food.  They can be contacted on 020 7239 0400 or 

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