Over 85% of Camden teachers are members of Camden National Education Union, and we now have a number of support staff who are members too. Such high membership rates among teachers in Camden schools contributes to making Camden a really great place to work. 

Why join the National Education Union?

There are several reasons to join the National Education Union.

Firstly membership to a union means being part of a collective which offers security. It means that we can campaign for your rights effectively, with widespread support. Over the last few years Camden National Education Union has campaigned around a range of issues, including Workload, Assessment, Funding and Pay. 

In the past we have won campaigns for members on Increased Maternity Leave, Extra Recruitment and Retention (R & R) payments and more.  For more information visit the Previous Campaigns page.
Who can join the National Education Union?

If you are a qualified teacher, training to be a qualified teacher, or anyone who works in a school then you can join.  If you are not already a member then you can join online at www.neu.org.uk, or phone the membership hotline on 0845 300 1669.