Camden State Education Branch

The National Education Union is operating both Districts and Branches.

We set up Camden District first and if you teach in a Camden school you are a member of the District.  You are also a member of the District if you don't work directly for a school (eg. you are a supply teacher, retired etc) but live in Camden.  The District is the body of the Union that is responsible for passing motions, hosting events, sending delegates to Conference, electing members of the Executive or National Officers etc.  Any member of the District can attend our monthly General Meetings.

There are also Branches across the country who represent members, individually and collectively, in schools and who are responsible for negotiations between the member and the employer.  Every member of the Camden State Education Branch is also a member of the District.

In Camden these two structures will operate very much together.  However, there are some Local Authorities where there are few local authority schools remaining and many Academies which are part of chains.  In these cases, there may be a Harris Academy Branch or an Ark Academy Branch etc., which will represent the member in negotiations with their employer, although the member would still be able to attend local District meetings.

We will be setting up the Camden State Education Branch at 6:20 on 21st May (for the last ten minutes of our District General Meeting).  If you are interested in being more involved with the Branch then you can download a nomination form below.  Please email by Tuesday 14th May.

The rules for the Camden Branch are below.
Gerald Clark,
8 May 2019, 03:01
Gerald Clark,
23 Apr 2019, 07:06