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NUT/ATL to ballot for national strike against pension changes 
NO to Paying More, Working Longer, Getting Less – YES to strike action
The NUT and ATL have decided to ballot all members who are eligible to be in the Teacher Pension Scheme for national strike action to defend the scheme from government attacks.

The government wants to bring in changes that will mean teachers have to pay more, work longer and get less on their retirement.
Although both unions are still involved in negotiations with the government about these proposed changes, it is now very clear that the government is not negotiating seriously.

These negotiations are due to end in June and both the NUT and ATL want to use the threat of strike action to show the government how strongly teachers feel about these issue and force them to change their mind.

If we wait until the negotiations are finished we would not be able to ballot until well into the autumn term, by which time the government could be implementing some of the changes we are opposing.

Pay More
The government wants us to pay 50% more towards our pension - £60 a month for an NQT and over £100 a month for someone on UPS3.

Work Longer
The government wants to tie the Normal Pension Age (NPA) for teachers to the State Pension Age (SPA). This will mean teachers having to work until 66, 67, 68 or even longer. You could still retire at 60 but your pension will be drastically reduced.

Get Less
All increases in pension will be linked to CPI instead of RPI – this will take thousands from your pension over the course of retirement. The government also wants your pension to be based on your average salary rather than your final salary.
These proposals are both unfair and unnecessary. In 2006 the NUT agreed changes to the TPS, which were made following a valuation of the scheme, which is required by law. No such valuation has taken place this year.
To work out how much you will lose as a result of the proposed changes, you can use these spreadsheets:
Will strike action achieve anything?
  • The NUT and ATL firmly believe it will. We’ve made your case to government and it’s a very strong case.
  • It is important that the government now sees the strength of feeling amongst teachers on the issue.
  • In 2005 and 2006, we saw off threats to our pensions by standing together and being prepared to take action.
  • The NUT and ATL want to change the government’s mind before the negotiations finish in June
  • If you want a future with a decent and affordable pension then you have to be ready to do so again.
  • The huge turnout for the demonstration on March 26th should give us confidence that we can make the government think again.
  • Now is the time to take action. We want to change the government’s mind before it imposes these unnecessary and unfair changes to our pensions.

How the ballot works
Ballot papers will be sent to your home address – or your school if that is where you receive the Teacher magazine.
  • They will be posted on Tuesday May 17th.
  • There will be a return envelope for the ballot paper
  • Please vote in the ballot and return your paper straight away.
  • The ballot closes on Tuesday Jun 14th and the NUT Executive will meet the next day to make a decision about strike action.
  • If there is a positive vote the first day of action is likely to be on Thursday June 30th.

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