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Solidarity with the People of Turkey - Fighting for Democracy under Authoritarian Rule

posted 18 Jan 2019, 03:08 by Helena Aksentijevic   [ updated 13 Feb 2019, 02:42 ]
On Saturday 9th February, Solidarity with the People of Turkey is holding a conference at NUT headquarters, Hamilton House, Mabledon Place, from 10 am to 5pm.
Entitled "Fighting for Democracy under Authoritarian Rule" the conference will discuss the suppression of worker's rights, political freedom and minority rights, the purging and imprisonment of academics and journalists, attacks on the environment and on the rule of law and the judiciary.

You can sign up to the event  here

The event will be held here

SPOT is an umbrella group made up of progressive organisations, campaign groups and trade unions in England. In a globally connected world, their aim is to support those struggling for democracy and fundamental freedoms in Turkey, whilst also strengthening democracy and Worker's rights in the UK.

Helena Aksentijevic,
18 Jan 2019, 03:08