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Working from Home

posted 19 Mar 2020, 05:21 by Gerald Clark   [ updated 20 Mar 2020, 05:32 ]

Home Working

It isn’t as easy for Teachers to work from home as other professions.  Many of you will already have been putting together distance learning or online learning projects for the children you teach to complete at home over the next couple of weeks.

What can you be asked to do or not to do?

You are still expected to be available for work during this time.  You may be asked to come in to school at times to teach or supervise key worker children, or to mark and prepare further work. 

You cannot be asked to work outside your normal Directed Time which includes the two week Easter holiday which is scheduled to run in Camden from Saturday 4th April – Sunday 19th April.  The government does not have powers to over-ride your contract.

You can be asked if you would be willing to, but as your contract currently stands, you should expect to be paid extra.

If you are looking after or supervising your own children at home then you should let your management know that you are not necessarily available for that whole period.  If you become genuinely ill, or are looking after a sick dependent then you should notify your management in the normal way that you are not available for work for these reasons.  You may be moved to be paid on sick pay or sick dependency leave although if this is due to the Coronavirus you should make sure your management know.

Obviously you cannot come in to work if you’re self-isolating as recommended by Public Health England and you should inform your management in the normal way if you’re not available for work for these reasons.

But I can still be asked to come in to work?

You can, technically, as long as there is no enforced ‘lockdown’ in place or travel bans, unless you fall into any of the categories above.  

If your school is asking you to do something at odds with the above advice, then please contact us.  If this happens before schools close to pupils on Friday then have a Union meeting in your school to agree this advice.

Can I do anything else to help?

One of our members volunteers for Age UK.  Camden Age UK need help with things like sorting and delivering food.  They can be contacted on 020 7239 0400 or info@ageukcamden.org.uk.