No compulsory redundancies in Camden.

Camden NUT ran a campaign in 2012 where we asked the Local Authority for their assurance that there would be no compulsory redundancies in Camden Schools.  When they couldn't give this assurance we took local action.  As a result of this we managed to secure the possibility of early retirement for teachers in some situations.

Maternity Leave Campaign.

Through a widespread local campaign, Camden Teachers Association successfully changed Maternity Leave arrangements for Camden Teachers to now being equal with the best in the country.  The picture below was taken on the steps of Hamilton House (NUT headquarters) with former General Secretary Steve Sinnott to celebrate the victory.

Recruitment and Retention Allowance.

Many teachers in Camden still get paid an equivalent of 2 R & R points thanks to successful campainging by the Camden Teachers Association.  In some schools where its removal has been threatened, the Union group has successfully led a campaign to overturn that decision.  Most remaining schools agreed to phase it out over four years, and only if teachers' gained their incremental pay rise, meaning no actual loss in income for those teachers.